Britney Spears’ (38) health remains high. The fans of the ‘… Baby One More Time’ singer have been worried about her mental health for a long time and have even started a campaign to free her from her curator. Her latest Instagram video sparks the rumors even more.

“If you see this and don’t recognize that she’s acting weird, you’re not looking good enough”

The singer was once the figurehead of innocence, when she scored hit after hit in the late 90s and early 2000s. She put a stop to that image with her sexy ‘I’m A Slave 4 U’ clip and went on a rebellious tour, including a spontaneous marriage that ended after 55 hours. In 2007 the bomb burst: after a public breakdown, she was forcibly admitted to an institution. Her father Jamie then became her curator and has been making all her decisions ever since.

Britney’s fans have long wanted her to be empowered to do so again, but have recently become more concerned about her mental state. And it’s her Instagram posts in particular that stir that concern.

In a new Insta video, Brit answers ‘the most pressing questions’ of her fans, but the most frequently asked question shines through absence. The singer tells in the video what she thinks is the most beautiful song, what her favorite holiday destination and her favorite food are and which three wishes she would like to see come true. But in reality, many followers have been asking her how she is doing in the comments for a long time. And that question, it never comes through here.

Moreover, according to many followers, the pop star is not quite herself in the video and she seems to boom the answers to the autopilot.

“If you see this and don’t recognize that she’s acting weird, you’re not looking good enough. What happened to her? “One fan wonders. “I don’t know anyone who goes back and forth so crazy in a normal conversation,” says another. “Is it going well?”, “It seems as if she doesn’t have it all lined up” and “She sounds like she is scared,” the comments say. 

Britney’s fans have long been trying to free her from her curators and use the hashtag #FreeBritney to get through to her guardians. In vain, because the singer is still under the supervision of her father.