44-year-old Bradley Cooper ( Bradley Cooper) spotted while walking in New York. Fans could not immediately recognize the Hollywood star in the changed actor.

After breaking up with 33-year-old Irina Shayk, the father of her child noticeably gained weight , grew a long mustache and changed the style of clothing. The artist met with friends for a joint dinner. On his way back home, he got into the lenses of photographers.

Cooper tried on a white T-shirt and trousers, the color of a baked milk. On top, he put on a blue jacket with a multi-colored inscription ” Muhammad Ali.” The actor listened to music on his phone by connecting large headphones to it. Not wanting to attract too much attention , he hid his eyes behind the glasses of his sunglasses.

The appearance of the actor was embarrassed by his fans. Many people think , that parting with Irina Shayk did not go in his favor. “That is , when a girl is left alone – she does a quads , and when a man – he grows a long mustache? Cooper , come to your senses, “” With Shake it , of course , looked much better. And happier. And now all of a certain dull “,” At first thought , that he is preparing a new role. But now it increasingly appears in the form of neglect, and frankly it seems to have , he simply failed to change the image, “- commented they photograph.

Bradley recently moved to New York from Los Angeles , to be closer to the year-old daughter Leah , who stayed with Irene. Star father regularly spends time with his daughter , he took her several times to California over the weekend. They went to the beach with Cooper friends and their children. The girl grows a real beauty. She inherited her mother’s puffy lips and her father’s blond hair.