It was quite expected, but the American Film Academy officially announced that Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga will sing their famous Shallow at the 91st Oscar.

An official post with the hashtag #Oscars, saying: “Cooper. Gaga. Shallow. Previously it was assumed that only two of the five songs announced in the category “Best Song” will be performed at the Oscars 2019. Thus, the organizers planned to reduce the broadcast time from four to three hours. However, the Academy has now confirmed that at least four out of five nominees will perform at the event on February 24.

In addition to Shallow, viewers will definitely hear All The Stars Kendrick Lamar and SZA from Black Panther, the soundtrack for the RBG document document I’ll Fight from Jennifer Hudson and The Place Where Lost Things Go by Mary Poppins by Emily Blunt. The fate of country music When A Cowboy Trades His Spurs for Wings from the Cohen brothers’ ballad Buster Scruggs western is still unknown.

We add that Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga have already begun to “rehearse” their reunion on the Oscars. The other day, the actor unexpectedly attended the singer’s concert in Las Vegas, where they sang together a hit from Cooper’s directorial debut The Star Is Born.