Hollywood actor gave an interview to Australian GQ…..

Brad Pitt became the face of the cover of the new Australian GQ and gave an interview in which he spoke about possible changes in his film career and about Quentin Tarantino’s film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, which the film crew presented at the Cannes Film Festival . 

“Of course, Tarantino himself was the decisive argument in the negotiations on participation in the filming of“ Once Upon a Time in Hollywood ”. He has his voice, his vision, and we were all very charged for the result. Both this and the last time, when I was invited to play in “Inglorious Bastards”, I immediately said “yes”. I felt that I was in safe hands. ”

Also, the actor told how he worked with Leonardo DiCaprio:

“We shot at about the same time. This guy gives a lot to others and always reaches their goals. And he’s just fun. I was pleased to compete with him in the actor’s plan while working in the new film Tarantino. “

But most of all Pitt fans were excited by the statement that he could complete an acting career, taking up close work behind the scenes. To date, he has already produced 34 full-length films and several TV shows.

“When I took a place on the other side of the camera, I realized that I really like it. But I do it less and less. I really think that it’s time to give this place to the younger guys – and not only to not give the main roles to venerable actors – I just feel that the rules of the game in cinema will change. There will be a natural selection. ”

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We’re going to have start at the end on this one. It was the end of the day. In fact, it was the end of a very long day at the beginning of May that involved two location houses, 49 set-ups and 4730 files in 5.5 hours to be precise. We were shooting the international publicity for Sony Pictures “Once Upon A Time in Hollywood” which means getting as many set ups as possible with the cast of the movie all for international editorial release. And at the end of the day, the sun had already gone behind the hills to the west of the world famous Simon House in Beverly Hills, but we were charged with creating a bright, sunny, Southern California look for the cover story of Brad Pitt for GQ Australia. So…we threw up a beauty dish directly behind and above Mr. Pitt and the foliage to create that warm end-of-the-day glow…but…the canyon wall behind the beauty dish was going very dark, so we aimed a bare head into the vegetation and blasted it! (You can see that bare head just under the beauty dish.) And voila! A sunny SoCal afternoon! The photo crew that incredible day consisted of (in order of height) @smgudmunson (That’s Seth holding the 4x floppy like he means it. Wait. Wasn’t he in the last post holding something?) @leemorganphoto @paoloalfante @jamesbianchi @johnnykompar @evanmullingphoto @emilymislakphoto and @pollycpics. Running monitors and computers and cameras at two locations was (in order of parental complexity) @evlasic and @tronqs. The set and props crew was led by @tortnt and consisted of (in order of beard density) @zachcryder @cixxx @nowenwright @mattychristesson @bodydumpers and @svtortorici. Production was led by the tireless timezone traveler @happyharleyproductions and consisted of @alywhitman @andrewspookyfeet and @tylerthings. And of course @luvlouella was at the center of the storm, making split second decisions and ensuring that I got as many set ups as possible. Styling by @samanthamcmillen_stylist Coat on the cover by @boglioofficial. Mucho mucho appreciation to @emilycshimizu. Many many thanks to @Jake_millar and @christensenmike and @gqaustralia and @rachgoldie and @giantartists. @onceinhollywood @sonypictures

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The actor honestly admitted that the film industry is rapidly changing and we must try not to fall out of the clip:

“I respect and understand the streaming services, they create more and more quality projects. Thanks to them, new and talented screenwriters, directors and actors are born. Therefore, I am curious to see what fate awaits me and in what form I will be. I like to think that in the future there will be enough space for both generations. Although I may be a dinosaur, on which the comet already flies. ”