Although Pete Davidson (28) has deliberately stopped using social media to protect his mental health, he has made an exception for the late Bob Saget. Pete says in an Instagram post on a close friend’s page that he has had a lot of support from Bob Saget during periods when he was not doing well.

“Thank you for your friendship and kindness”

“I just wanted to let you know that Bob Saget was one of the nicest men in the world,” he begins his message. “When I was younger, and during other times of our friendship, he helped me through dark times. He spent hours on the phone with my mother offering help where he could, such as putting us in touch with certain doctors or suggesting new things to try. He always checked in on me and wanted to make sure I was okay. I love you Bob. It was an honor to know you. Thank you for your friendship and kindness. My condolences to the family,” said Pete.

Pete has never made a secret of his mental health issues and has spoken openly about his difficult times several times. Those problems were the reason for him to distance himself from social media because he had a lot of trouble with all the reactions from complete strangers, which were not always positive. The comedian has previously said that it felt like a liberation for him to no longer deal with social platforms on a daily basis.



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