Rather mistaken for Space X, the Blue Origin company continues its success, as evidenced by the first successful test flight of the year for the New Shepard Shuttle.

Jeff Bezos can once again rub his hands. Its space company Blue Origin managed on Sunday, April 29, to send a New Shepard rocket (and its capsule) to the border of space and rest safely in Texas. The capsule was placed gently after the deployment of three parachutes, and the use of a retrofusée during his descent. She was anyway inhabited by a simple model.

The launcher climbed to an altitude of 105 kilometers (a little more than 350,000 feet), which once again made it possible to experience weightlessness as can be seen in the video.


 The company has never hidden its ambition to democratize this type of flight for wealthy tourists, who will have to pay an entry fee of $ 200,000. This is the eighth successful launch for the rocket. The mission will have lasted a total of 13 minutes. Arianne Cornell, the company’s official commentator, explained that Blue Origin is now able to ” put the pitcher on the pitch, throw it, recover it and put it back on the firing point ” in just 14 minutes. hours with a team of 30 people.


The firm of Jeff Bezos wants to be less grandiloquent than that of Elon Musk and puts forward the economy of means. A crucial aspect, especially for the establishment of a real tourist activity in the long term.