Monica Bellucci

The web was completely delighted with the fantasy image of the Virgin.

The beautiful daughter of Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel, Virgo repeated the spectacular image of Rosamund Pike and managed to easily outshine her. It is not the first day that the press has been fiercely discussing the fantastic appearance of the heiress of famous actors. Virgo herself seems to know how beautiful she is and does not hesitate to show herself in all her glory.

The other day, Virgo tried on the famous scarlet dress from Dior, in which the actress Rosamund Pike had previously appeared at the closing of the Cannes Film Festival. In the frame, a beautiful girl boldly posed for photographers, slightly holding the hem of a flying dress. The daring image appealed not only to the followers of the celebrity, but also to the stellar mother herself – Bellucci put her like.

In the comments, in turn, a battle unfolded. Some said that the Virgo swung too far. Others agreed that Kassel looks just amazing.

“Blood is not water,” “Sexy to the point of impossibility,” “This child has a great future,” wrote the followers.