Daughter James is the star of the parents

How sweet! When Taylor Swift sings her song “Gorgeous” during her Massachusetts concert, the voice of James Reynolds is heard. The proud parents of the three-year-olds, Blake Lively (30) and Ryan Reynolds (41), are freaking out completely.

James helps Taylor Swift on her new song

Hollywood stars Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have long been big fans of pop singer Taylor Swift. Now the singer has given the actor couple another reason to attend their concerts: In Taylor Swift’s new song “Gorgeous,” a child’s voice pronounces the song title at the beginning of the song – and the child is none other than the three-year-old daughter James (3) of Blake and Ryan.

Fan moment for Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

A Taylor Swift fan captured the moment in Massachusetts as James ‘parents hear their little ones’ voices during the concert. In it one sees first that Lively pulls out her mobile immediately, as Taylor Swift announces the song. Afterwards, the proud parents are barely able to stop and dance shrieking to the song of their daughter.


The sweet tale behind it was told by Taylor Swift at another concert earlier: When the pop singer for her friends Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds and their daughters James and Inez (1) sang their songs on the guitar one night on the beach, James was ” Gorgeous “very pleased. The little girl had said the word over and over again throughout the evening. Taylor thought it was so sweet that she immediately asked the famous parents if she could use it for the intro.