The team working on the VLC video playback service, has just made an astonishing decision, namely to prevent the download of its application to the owners of a Huawei smartphone! Explanations …

The publisher VideoLan, managing its video playback tool VLC has made a very surprising decision, preventing owners of a Huawei brand smartphone to download the application on the Play Store. The reasons given are at the level of users’ evaluations and the behavior of the brand vis-à-vis third-party applications.

VLC prevents download its application on the Play Store to Huawei smartphones

Indeed, the first complaint concerns the evaluations of the VLC application. According to statistics and for no apparent reason, users under the Huawei brand would tend to give poor ratings to the application.

In addition, VideoLAN criticizes Huawei’s policy of killing the processes of applications running in the background, except of course his own. A behavior that has unpleasant consequences on the user experience and that has only one goal, direct the user to his own “more stable” solutions. Not very Fair Play …


We understand better through this strategy why smartphone owners tend to slash VLC application comments or ratings from the Play Store. After two or three “bugs” reading in the background, users rage thinking that the problem comes from VLC and hasten to let their dissatisfaction in this way.

To make the Chinese manufacturer react, VLC has blacklisted Huawei’s most popular and most popular smartphones, such as the P8, P10 and P20.