Kanye West

Kanye West Instrgram was suspended by the company for 24 hours as he was going after Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson and Trevor Noah on Platform for attacks.

As per the spokesperson from Meta briefing that rapper’s last posts were violating the company’s policies. Kanye’s post were depicting hate speech and bullying and harassment. He won’t be able to post, comment or send DMs for next 24 hours.

It was also told that if the Rapper continue violating the policies further addtional steps would be taken against his account.

The news about the suspension of Kanye West Instagram acount was broken by TMZ first.
Meta, who is also the owner of Facebook in the past has banned other prominent firgures’ account including Donald Trump.

Kanye West’s lost post on social media platform included the two music videos for the song “Eazy” portraying likeness of Pete and Kim being abused and tortured.
In the begining of this week a post was posted by Rapper with a photo of 8 year old daugther backup adorned with three pins; an alien, Kardashian and West face.