Bella Hadid

Rumors about surgical interventions haunted the model for almost her entire life: the other day, Bella decided to put an end to all speculation and gossip, revealing the truth about what changed her appearance so many years ago.

We are used to seeing Bella Hadid as a cold beauty with a slightly arrogant, squinted look. Until recently, many did not suspect that for several years now the middle child of the Hadid family has been suffering from alcoholism and an anxiety disorder – she herself admitted this by posting a series of “tearful” photos. Fans wondered what could have affected such a neglected state of the model, because her life seems perfect. As it turned out, several reasons played a cruel joke on Bella at once, and the most important of them was many years of harassment because of her appearance.

No, no one humiliated Bella for her appearance in the way that is commonly thought: one of the highest paid models in the world was criticized for frequent visits to the office of surgeons and cosmetologists. The model herself never admitted that she did certain procedures, and even more so plastic surgery. I must admit that no one really believed this: the difference was so striking that just by growing up and even losing weight, no one could have achieved such results.

Bella Before
Bella “Before”
Bella after
Bella “After”

In order to somehow compensate for her “inferiority”, at the age of 14, Bella Hadid persuaded her mother Yolanda to undergo rhinoplasty. In turn, the eldest Hadid did not blink an eye – immediately approving her daughter’s decision. This led to the fact that 14-year-old Bella first went under the surgeon’s knife at such an early age.

Although Bella’s mental health has improved, the complexes have now been replaced by harsh criticism from the public. “Remade”, “unsuccessful copy of Gigi”, “undermodel” – and hundreds more offensive comments towards Bella have been expressed for many years now. Here even a man with nerves of steel will burst into tears, let alone a fragile girl.

In an interview, Bella admitted that she now regrets having an early rhinoplasty. According to the 25-year-old model, she would like to preserve the heritage of her ancestors (ethnic nose). By the way, the information that, in addition to rhinoplasty, Bella did at least a few more procedures, the model severely denied. Hadid claims that as a child, her face was round, plus she weighed much more than now, allegedly because of this it seems that she has changed a lot. We believe, Bella, we believe.