Beyoncé Knowles is not only a singer and actress, but also a mother and wife. In conversation with British Vogue , she says that motherhood prompted her to keep more than 80,000 bees.

“My daughters, Blue Ivy and Rumi, both suffer from severe allergies and honey has a healing effect. That’s why I have two hives in the garden. Filled with about 80,000 bees that produce hundreds of pots of honey per year,” said the company. singer opposite the magazine.

As a mother, she has become even more aware of her impact on the world, and Knowles is committed to providing her children with the best life possible. Because of the corona crisis and the time she spends with her daughters and son, the singer has learned to listen better.

“Blue (the singer’s eldest daughter, ed.) Is very smart and realizes that things are very different. As the parent of an eight-year-old daughter, I want to keep her world as positive and safe as possible. I underestimate her and her feelings. never her sister and brother and regularly ask what they are doing. I believe the best way to teach your children things is to be a good example for them. “