The actor talks about his most recent movie role as an alcoholic basketball coach.

Ben Affleck recently touched on the impact his personal life had on his upcoming film about an alcoholic basketball coach.

He mostly spoke during his interview with Variety and was quoted as saying, “I feel like my own acting, at least by my own standards, has improved as I’ve gotten older, I’ve had more life experiences, and I’ve had access to more things. “

He also admitted that his time in 2010’s The Town and 2012’s Argo was what made him a better actor: “This was a bit unusual for me. As an actor, I’ve changed my approach a bit, especially from before and after I started directing, because it was really instructive. “

“I learned more about acting directing than I did in acting classes. There is something really valuable about being on the other side and seeing what works and what doesn’t. And what you can do editorially, and just get used to the sound of your own stupid voice. “

The movie in question will deal with Jack Cunningham, a former high school basketball superstar who was forced to give up his dreams, under mysterious circumstances back in the day.

The only reason Affleck understands that player’s plight is because of his own past. He explained to the publication: “With a role like that and since I am an alcoholic, then I understood his alcoholism to a certain extent, but I have not lost a son.”

“This guy has had a very different life than me, but the interesting thing about the story is that he hoped people would find some catharsis by seeing him go through something very difficult. I was worried about having to find ways to make this as realistic as possible. “