Kim Kardashian (40) has recently been committed to prisoners and one of them is Chris Young. He was released by Donald Trump on his last day as president and now thanks a number of people on his social media. Kim, who has been committed to his cause for years, shared the video on her Instagram account and in turn thanked everyone except ex-president Trump.

Chris Young was spotted at an airport last weekend after being released from prison. He owes his release in part to ex-president Trump, who pardoned a number of American prisoners on his last day in the White House. One of them was Chris Young and he thanked a series of people in a video on Instagram. He talked about Donald Trump, but also the judge who heard his case and Kim Kardashian were discussed.

The 40-year-old reality star has recently been committed to American prisoners. She was also involved in the case of Chris Young. When she heard that the latter was released from prison, she shared the news on her Instagram account.

Tears in the eyes

“After more than a decade behind bars, Chris Young is finally free. Judge Sharp was there to welcome him home and it brought tears to my eyes ”, it sounds in the post. Kim also explains that the judge was forced to sentence Chris to life imprisonment and that he resigned in protest not much later.

“I have worked on this case for years with @msbkb (Chris’s lawyer), so this victory feels really blissful,” Kim Kardashian added to her post. In addition to Chris’s lawyer, she thanked a number of other people, such as Judge Sharp, but it is striking that Kim does not say a word about ex-president Donald Trump.