The social medium Instagram has gone deep after they removed a post from the half Dutch, half Palestinian model Bella Hadid. She had posted a photo of her father’s passport online, showing that he was born in Palestine. This reports ‘Page Six’.

“This behavior seems very wrong to me”

After the photo was removed, Bella made a story. “Instagram removed my story, which only said that my ‘baba’ is from Palestine. Maybe they can explain to me what’s wrong with this? It’s not bullying, insulting, graphic or sexual. Sometimes we can’t be Palestinian on Instagram? This behavior seems very wrong to me. “

“Do I have to remove his place of birth? No. I’m proud to be Palestinian and anyone should be able to post where his or her parents were born. Let everyone know where you’re from!” Said Bella.

A spokesperson for Facebook, the parent company of Instagram, said: “Due to privacy rules, people are not allowed to post personal information, such as passport numbers, on Instagram. In this case, the number was removed, so we should have left the photo. content recovered and personally contacted Bella to apologize. “