The 38-year-old singer conducted the Vogue edition backstage and showed how she was preparing for the performance. In the video roller, the star appeared without makeup, which caused heated discussions among users who expressed different opinions about what they saw.

The fact is that in the video the face and lips of the singer looked swollen. Some fans were not even able to recognize the woman in the video of their idol. Comments on Christina Aguilera immediately rained down. “Why does she look like this?”, “Did she do something to herself? I don’t recognize her ”,“ I adore her voice, but, damn it, she was always so beautiful, why is she so swollen now? ”,“ She is 30 with something, and she looks at all 50. Her lips are terrible. The surgeon who did this obviously hates her, ”that’s how users appreciated the singer’s natural look.

However, there were also those who expressed the exact opposite opinion. “Queen”, “She is so cute and funny”, “I love her without makeup, her skin looks very fresh”, “Delightful”, “The best woman in the world” – such comments appeared under the video with the star. The discussion of the video among the fans of the singer turned into heated debate.

Fans are used to the fact that Christina always looks great. The singer loves bright clothes and bright makeup, not only at social events, but also in everyday life. Her exits are always an event that causes a flurry of emotions and is discussed for a very long time. Perhaps that is why her appearance on the Web in the most natural way somewhat discouraged the audience. Indeed, the prevailing and familiar image of the singer is far from what appeared in the sensational video.