Kim Kardashian (38) has already spoken frankly in the past about the fight against her autoimmune disease psoriasis. But never before did she go into such detail about the painful effects of the disease as on Poosh, the blog of her sister Kourtney. There, the reality star also reveals that she suffers from psoriatic arthritis, a combination of inflammatory rheumatism and skin disease.

Kim was 25 years old when she first suffered from psoriasis. She got red spots on her legs and belly. After a visit to the dermatologist, the symptoms stayed away for five years, but not long after her thirtieth birthday  it returned and her real fight against skin disease began.

Over the past eight years, spots appear on her body occasionally. “At the beginning of this year it became very serious. It covered my entire face and most of my body, “says the reality star. One night she woke up and found out that she couldn’t even hold her phone and toothbrush because of the pain. “Two days passed and I remember that I had to fly to Vegas for the Jimmy Kimmel Show. I felt so uncomfortable all the time because my hands hurt so much. I felt terrible. “

After the show Kim went to the doctor again. Finally she found out she had psoriatic arthritis. “It is still painful and scary, but I was glad I had a diagnosis.” A few months later, she noticed that the arthritis was not in her hands alone. One day she was unable to take off her pants. “I couldn’t even put on my bra that day. Someone had to dress me because the pain was unbearable. ”Kim is now trying to fight the disease with a healthy diet and lifestyle. “If you have psoriasis, don’t let it ruin your life. You have to do what is necessary to feel good, but it cannot take over. “

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