The American Austin has been shaken by two explosions of package bombs today. In addition, a 17-year-old died and two women were injured. Because the victims are part of a minority, the police take into account racism as a motive for the attacks.

The local authorities announced this today. They also linked the attacks to the same kind of bomb explosion earlier this month in the city. On March 2, 39-year-old Anthony Stephan House died, a dark Austin resident. Today it happened to a 17-year-old dark young man. The boy died during the first explosion, this morning around a quarter to seven local time. According to the police, there was a package at the front door of a house on Oldfort Hill Drive. One of the residents took the package inside. It exploded in the kitchen when it was opened. A 40-year-old dark woman was injured and taken to a hospital for treatment.

Second Explosion

Just when police chief Brian Manley explained that incident to a press conference, his colleagues were summoned for a second explosion elsewhere in Austin. A 75-year-old Latin American was wounded life-threatening when she picked up a package from her front door. She was quickly taken to a hospital. Her condition is now stable. “If you see an unexpected package that has been left at your door, in your garden or on your driveway, call us. Do not pick it up, do not open it “, Manley warned the residents of Austin. 


Anthony Stephan House died on March 2 around five to seven in the northeast of the city, when ‘a device’ exploded on his porch. The police then believed that there was an isolated incident, but now thinks that the explosions have to do with each other. Stephan Houses death is now seen as murder. “We see similarities and think that the incidents are connected,” said Manley, who also indicated that the scenario of racial murders is possible. With the two deadly explosions, the package was left behind at night without a postal company being involved.

A suspect is not yet in the picture. The police would know how the first bomb of today put together, but that information has not yet wanted to make public. 

South by Southwest

The two explosions of today took place while Austin is the scene of the South by Southwest music, film and technology festival. Every year some 400,000 visitors come to it. The explosions took place far from the festival.