That the erotic film ‘365 Days’ is a great success is proven once again. After the second part in June, the makers will come up with a sequel. Netflix reveals when fans can start enjoying the rambunctious scenes with Massimo and Laura.

The streaming service announces on Facebook that the sequel called The Next 365 Days can be seen from August 19. That means that the enthusiasts have to be patient for a while.

The film is based on the books of the same name by the Polish Blanka Lipinska and is about the relationship between the rich Mafia boss Massimo and the young Polish Laura. The erotic storyline is somewhat like Fifty Shades of Gray .

Despite the huge success, the film also received a lot of criticism. According to critics, the makers glorify sexual violence. For example, petitions have even been submitted to take it offline.

To get in the mood, watch the first part of 365 Days and the first sequel called 365 Days: This Day on Netflix. Watch the trailer for 365 Days: This Day below .