In Christchurch, New Zealand, several people died in shootings in two mosques. Four people, three men and a woman, have been arrested, but the police are calling on all mosques to keep their doors closed and advising Muslims throughout the country to stay at home until there is more clarity.

Much is still unclear, but it is certain that shooting took place in two mosques in the city. That would have happened around two o’clock in the afternoon, during Friday afternoon prayer. Hundreds of people were present in each of the mosques at that time.

Also, several car bombs have been found in the city that have been disabled by specialists, the police have just confirmed.  

No official message yet

The police are calling on everyone in the city to stay inside. Schools are closed by order of the police and the children must remain in the building. All hospitals in Christchurch are guarded by the police. Even though four arrests have been made, the police are not sure whether all the danger has passed. 

There is not yet an official message about victims, but the police are talking about ‘multiple deaths’. Tens are mentioned in local media. 

Christchurch shooting ‘one of New Zealand’s darkest days’ says PM Jacinda Ardern
“Darkest day”

The Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, today calls “one of the darkest days in the history of New Zealand.” She advises everyone throughout the country who was planning to visit a mosque, to postpone that visit for the time being. 

Witnesses say they have seen a man dressed in a military camouflage suit with an automatic weapon invade a mosque and start to shoot people.


Certainly one New Zealand news website shows a shocking video clip that the perpetrator himself made during his murder and that he would have streamed on Facebook. The police have announced that the images are authentic and are trying to get the very shocking images offline.