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In 2007 she already sang ‘Get Naked’, but only now it becomes clear that Britney Spears (40) has been singing to herself all this time. The singer regularly shares naked selfies on social media and now posts a series of photos in which she floats in a pool without a bikini. And not just her: none other than her assistant is there to hold her.

“My assistant Vickey holds me like a baby”

Victoria Asher has been working as an assistant to the Princess of Pop since November 2021, before that she was often seen in the media as a #FreeBritney supporter and Britney fan. As a super fan, this swim with her big idol must be a dream come true. Britney and Victoria – also known as Vickey T – both share photos from a fun day at the pool.

Small detail: Britney is stark naked in the water. “I’m naked in the pool and my assistant Vickey is holding me like a baby,” Brit wrote.


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At the beginning of this year, Vickey was still discredited. Britney fans thought she was the one running Britney’s social media channels. On Britney’s Instagram channel, a video appeared in which not Britney, but Vickey could be seen in the mirror. Britney’s assistant then said on her Instagram: “I only run my own social media.”