This is expected that Mr. Ashton Kutcher would testify on Wednesday in case of his friend’s murder. Hollywood Ripper is the term being used for this alleged serial killed. According to the prosecutor Michael Gargiulo murdered 3 women and one of them was Ashley Ellerin who was friendly to Ashton Kutcher.

The testimony or statement of the Ashton Kutcher would help the prosecution to deterimine the time of death of Ellerin. Both Ellerin and Ashton were about to go out for a date on the same night she got murdered.
Ashton called Ellerin before leaving his home and when didn’t get any reply from her he went to her Hollywood home.
This also has been stated by the prosecutors to the jury that they believe that Ellerin was attacked from the beind by the alleged murder from the behind on Februrary 21 when she came out of her shower in 2001, around 10:45 p.m.

When Ashton arrived at her to take her to the Grammys party kutcher saw from the window of her home and thought that wine is spilled on the floor.

Kutcher allegedly told the police that when he didn’t got any answer he left the door. Later it was found that Ellerin was brutally stabbed to death by her roomate.

Thomas Gargiulo the man is accused of three more murders and an attempt, and the testimony of Ashton Kutcher could well help to send him ad vitam behind bars. And this time it will not be cinema.