When it seems that you have already seen everything.

Kim Kardashian uses all facets of his fantasy so that none of her appearances go unnoticed. Yesterday, the paparazzi took it off at the outlet of the Mexican cafe Plata Taqueria & Cantina in Calabasas in the company of Chloe’s sister and the ex-husband of another sister, Scott Disika. However, the remarkable thing in this case was not Kim’s company, but its new image – the star refused to have long hair in favor of a geometric square, but devoted its image to a new “hobby” of her family – religion. The last months of Kardashian West have become active parishioners of the church, and even their youngest son, Kim and Kanye, were symbolically called the Psalm. Continuing the course, Kim was published in pants with the inscription “Trust God.” Whether the parishioners will appreciate the church in Calabasas, where Kim and Kanye and their children go almost every weekend, the choice of such an outfit is a big question.