71-year-old actor Arnold Schwarzenegger ( Arnold Schwarzenegger) and his ex-wife , 63-year-old journalist Maria Shriver ( Maria Shriver), commented on the relationship of their 29-year-old daughter.

Two weeks ago, Chris Pratt ( by Chris the Pratt) and Katherine Schwarzenegger ( Katherine Schwarzenegger) announced their engagement. The bride’s father confessed to Extra journalists that he was happy to see her daughter next to Pratt. He approves of their union and is proud of his future son-in-law: “It was really fantastic! She is so happy , they are both happy. I love Chris. ”

Star of ” The Terminator” said , Chris has complied with all the rules and first asked his future wife hands her parents. “He did it traditionally. He is a great guy. They look great together and are happy , so I wish them both good luck, ”said Arnold.

Mother Catherine is also happy for the newlyweds. “The daughter is very happy. She gave me strict orders , that I should not talk about it. This is not my event , but she wants to experience it this way. ”

The wedding of Catherine and Chris was unexpected news , because they met only seven months. But relatives took their union seriously.