A 102-year-old American woman who is in danger of being evicted by her landlord from her home in California after almost 30 years, receives help from an unexpected corner. None other than Arnold Schwarzenegger jumped into the breach for the poor woman.

Thelma Smith recently was told by her landlord that he wants to vacate the house for his daughter as soon as she graduates, CBS Los Angeles published in an article. There were many indignant reactions from readers who thought that a forced move at such an advanced age is inhuman. Actor and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger also saw the article and came into action.

“Thelma has been a good friend for a long time,” he wrote. “Imagine doing this with a 102-year-old woman who has been serving the community all her life. It is heartless. ”

Smith is a retired secretary for the Sugar Ray Robinson Youth Foundation and knows Schwarzenegger through his work for the same charity, according to AP news agency. The Terminator has tempted the woman not to let go and take action.

“Thelma, I’m going to help, homeowners, you’ll also hear from me,” he wrote in a tweet. According to an actor spokesperson, there has since been contact with Smith to look for a solution.