The project, called ‘Wireless charging through the screen’, would facilitate the recharging of devices such as the stylus, headphones and smart watches of the firm.

On  December 30, the Apple company registered a patent with the US Patent and Trademark Office that would allow charging accessories for mobile devices, leaving them on the screen of the iPhone or iPad.

The project, dubbed ‘Wireless Charging Through Screen’, would make it easier to recharge devices like the Apple Pencil stylus, AirPods earbuds and Apple Watch smartwatches.

“A personal electronic device (for example, a tablet or a ‘smartphone’) can wirelessly charge an accessory (for example, a stylus) through one face of the device’s screen. At least part of the face of the screen can be transparent to facilitate the visualization of the same “, it is explained in the description of the presented document.

Technology specialist David Phelan noted in his article for Forbes magazine published on January 2 that transparency would mean that some elements, including the image on the screen or touch sensitivity, could  be temporarily suspended .

The technology of reverse wireless charging (when the battery of one device is recharged through the other) is already applied in the devices of the Cupertino company. Thus, the second generation of the Apple Pencil smart pencil attaches to the side of the iPad and begins to recharge automatically from the wireless charging pad installed on the edge of the device.

Meanwhile, the registered functionality would be one more step of this type of technology. However, other details about its possible implementation in the iPhone 14 or future generation of the iPad are not yet known.