The artist’s decision is linked to his family. His younger sister Kim suffered from blood cancer in 1991.

Canadian actor Keanu Reeves donated 70% of his salary earned for his role in the sci-fi movie ‘The Matrix’, The New York Post reports  .

The artist received $ 10 million in advance for the first film released in 1999 and then received $ 35 million more, when the first installment of the trilogy was a box office success. In total, Reeves donated about $ 31.5 million, according to the outlet’s estimates.

The actor’s decision to fund blood cancer studies is linked to his family, as his younger sister Kim suffered from leukemia in 1991 and battled the disease for 10 years before going into remission in 2001.

Reeves continued to make donations and registered a charitable foundation to support those with cancer. The non-profit organization had been acting for years without appearing on the media radar until the actor himself revealed its existence. “I have a private foundation that has been in operation for five or six years, and it helps a couple of children’s hospitals and cancer research,” the musician also commented in an interview for Ladies Home Journal in 2009, cited by the US media. 

Other gestures of altruism

Apart from these charitable activities, the artist auctioned a 15-minute personal appointment with him in June 2020 via videoconference by Zoom. The final bet reached more than $ 19,000 , and the money was directed to Camp Rainbow Gold, a charitable organization against childhood cancer in the state of Idaho (USA).

In October 2021 it was also discovered that Reeves gifted four members of the John Wick film stunt team with 4 Rolex watches valued at $ 9,150 each.