The 59-year-old actor became the Vanity Fair Award star in Madrid. Antonio Banderas ( Antonio Banderas) posed on the red carpet with girlfriend Nicole Kimpel and daughter Stella.

The star of the film ” My Mom’s New Boyfriend” has proved , that the time has no power over him. Banderas looked like a dandy , when he appeared in the starry evening in Spain in a tuxedo and bow tie. Antonio was accompanied immediately by two beauties – 38-year-old girlfriend Nicole Kimpel , whom he has been dating for five years , as well as 23-year-old daughter Stella del Carmen Banderas.

Nicole is far from the sphere of show business , she is an investment banker. Kimpel is a true polyglot , fluent in five languages. The actor’s girlfriend chose for the evening a contrasting black and white floor-length dress with a deep V-neck on her chest. Her image was completed by heeled sandals , a necklace with purple stones , silver earrings and a small clutch on a chain. Stella dressed in a black dress in a floor of a simple cut on thin straps. She completed it with velvet sandals and a Chanel handbag.

Antonio said , as a friend has changed his life. In 2017, he had a heart attack. Nicole shortly before this went to the pharmacy and bought aspirin for a headache. When she returned , Antonio became ill. There were no medicines in the house. Kimpel gave him aspirin and called a doctor.

The actor quickly recovered , after which Banderas , who does not drink alcohol , quit smoking. He said , that the habit was ” the stupidest thing” he had “ever done in my life,” reports the Daily Mail Address .

The only daughter of the actor gave birth to his ex-wife Melanie Griffith. They broke up in 2014 after 18 years of marriage. Banderas and now remains in good relations with the 62-year-old actress. He kept warm kindred feelings with his daughter Melanie from a marriage with Don Johnson – Dakota Johnson. The actress and her relatives, Antonio calls his ” American family.” Recently Banderas increasingly comes out with Nicole , Stella, or with both of them.