Anthony Kavanagh thought his time had arrived last month after suffering a pulmonary embolism and infarction in New Caledonia. In an exclusive interview given to the Journal, the 48-year-old humorist looks back on this serious experience that has now put his career in question.

Anthony Kavanagh is much better. In an interview for more than an hour, the humorist tells with energy the last weeks he lived, and all the upheavals that this mishap has caused in his life.

“I’m at the end of sick leave until February 1st,” he says. Afterwards, I attack the shows. I want to reassure people and tell them that I will be in shape to resume the tour. ”

The comedian did not really have it easy last fall. After canceling several shows due to septic bursitis, infectious cellulitis and streptococcus A, in November, he experienced new health problems in New Caledonia on December 13, when he was scheduled to perform on stage. “After 32 hours and a half of flight, I was weakened,” he says. I still had inflammation in my blood as a result of my bursitis. ”

After receiving a massage, the humorist felt severe pain in his right shoulder and was nauseated. He was then discovered another bursitis. During the following night, he suffered from severe back pain.

“I was taken to the emergency room where I had a battery of tests,” he says. That’s where they told me I had a pulmonary embolism. I was hospitalized for five days. He also had a pulmonary infarction, a complication of embolism.

“I thought it was over”

At the time of his infarction, he thought he was dying. “When I could not breathe, I thought about it all. I thought it was over. ”

By order of the doctors, Kavanagh was not supposed to fly before three weeks.

It was at the beginning of the month that he was able to return to Quebec. His insurer demanded that he be accompanied by a doctor on the plane. “He took my pressure and my oxygen saturation every hour. ”

To get in shape, he must now sleep more, cut stress, exercise and improve his diet. “I also have to transform my body, lose 20 pounds. ”

“I’m coming out of this grown-up experience,” says Anthony, who has just agreed to be the new spokesperson for the Quebec Lung Association. I also sleep apnea. I want to try to educate people on this. ”


Since his hospitalization, Anthony Kavanagh is in deep questioning. “I have to go back to priorities: my family, health, my friends. I have to get up. ”

Although he is enthusiastic about returning to his tour, the humorist says he does not want to go on long tours in Europe anymore. “I’m going to honor my commitments, but I can not do both. There, I often had to fly, train and car in the same day. We stop that. I stay in Quebec. ”

While he had rejected several TV project proposals since returning to Quebec last year, Anthony now mentions being open to exploring this environment. “I was approached to talk to V [what will Stéphane Rousseau do]. Doing something on TV that would allow me to be with my family more often and breathe, I’m interested. “