Stephen Colbert had a very special surprise for Anne Hathaway in his talk show. Stephen surprised the Oscar winner with a meeting with dragqueen superstar RuPaul.

“I love you so much! Thanks for everything!”

In the interview with Stephen, Anne said she is a huge fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race, a wildly popular TV talent show for dragqueens. Not much later, RuPaul himself appeared on stage. The Princess Diaries actress was immediately in tears. “I love you so much! Thanks for everything!”

Anne Hathaway informed RuPaul that he was very impressed with season 10 candidate Monét X Change. “Her entire development and how great she was in season 10. (…) And her growth between season 10 and 11 (All Stars 3, ed.). She stepped her pussy up . “

On Twitter, Monét responded to Anne’s compliment shower. ” Consider both our pussies, stepped up “, writes the dragqueen.