After some “leaks” left and right, it’s now official: the sequel to Ghost Recon Wildlands , called Breakpoint , will be released on October 4 and will focus more on survival, all in a universe where you can be tracked by heavily armed drones.

Unveiled this Thursday, the last part of the tactical action series will take over the Wildlands universe , its characters, as well as several aspects of its gameplay .   

Back for new adventures, Nomad will land this time on the fictional tropical island of Auroa to try to defeat the antagonist of the game, obviously quite evil, as well as his troop of soldiers … and his army of killer drones.   

Once again, the title will be playable in single-player or cooperative four-person mode and will now include an online player-versus-player (PvP) aspect. Additional content should also be offered regularly after the release of the game, including the appearance of raids .   

On the menu of novelties, we note among others a survival aspect that Ubisoft seems to want to put forward.  

This will allow us to use a new camouflage system and use the environment to better cope with certain delicate situations.   

In this regard, the serious injuries suffered by Nomad during his mission will also affect the handling of the character. If the mechanics is well established, it could be quite interesting …   

Character classes, four at the launch of the game, will also be implemented in Breakpoint and can be changed at any time.   

With regard to the island of Auroa, Ubisoft promises that environments will be varied, from mountains to swamps, including forests, a snow-covered region and even a volcano.   

Note that the French publisher took advantage of the unveiling to lift the veil on a first trailer that has since been available online.   

Ghost Recon Breakpoint will be released on October 4th on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.