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The actress became ill in her mansion.

Literally yesterday, Western publications reported a sensational news: Angelina Jolie was found at home unconscious. The actress was found by children and a maid who immediately called an ambulance. Now Jolie is in hospital under the supervision of doctors.

Angelina’s life does not threaten anything, but if she does not seriously take care of health, the consequences can be deplorable. Jolie practically does not sleep and does not eat, in addition, she is in a state of constant stress after a divorce from Brad Pitt. Of course, in public, the actress tries to stay well done, but at home she plunges into a deep depression. Well, let’s hope that Angelina will pull herself together and take care of her health. At least for the sake of their six children.

Let’s remind, that earlier already there were problems with health. In 2013, the actress performed bilateral mastectomy, and then removed the ovaries, because she wanted to minimize the risk of cancer. 

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