From the paparazzi can not hide anything!

As a child, Angelina Jolie had several exotic animals: a lizard named Vladimir and the snake Harry Dean Stanton, named after the famous film actor and musician. When the actress married Brad Pitt, goldfish and a few gerbils appeared in their house, and then the English bulldog Jacques. Now in the stellar family, besides Jacques, there is a roostweiler Dusty, another dog, whose name and breed are unknown to the press, and … a white and gray rabbit. His Angelina, along with her younger daughter Vivien, was acquired the other day, which became known to the paparazzi.

The photographers managed to take some pictures of the actress with her daughter and their new furry family member at the exit from the pet store in Los Angeles.Vivienne carried her friend in a closed carrying, and then wrapped her in a towel and held her in her arms, thanks to which the paparazzi managed to look closer at the rabbit.