Keanu Reeves starred in the musical comedy “Bill and Tod”, which is filmed in Louisiana. And the locals do everything to attract the attention of the actor.

But most of all lucky fan named Stacy. When she learned that Keanu Reeves would drive to the set past her house, she and her sons made a sign saying “You are breathtaking.”She thought that the actor would be at least nice. But she did not expect the motorcade with a star to stop near her house. Reeves himself will come out of the car, get on his knees and write a response: “You are awesome!”

Yesterday this sign stood on the lawn on the way to the set. Keanu jumped out of the car and did it, ”wrote writer Ed Solomon on Twitter, who accompanied Reeves.

By the way, the phrase “you are breathtaking” in relation to Kean was not chosen by chance. In early June, when the actor during a Microsoft conference  presentedCyberpunk 2077 gamers  with his participation, he called the  game exciting. To which one of the fans shouted: “No, it’s you exciting!” A funny incident immediately generated a wave of memes and fotozhab. A guy gave a collector’s edition  Cyberpunk 2077.