The Oscar-winning actress fights to increase the statute of limitations in rape cases …..

Mira Sorvino  stood alongside the governor of New York , Andrew Cuomo this week to support a bill increasing the statute of limitations in cases of rape . The Oscar-winning actress  , who was one of the first to denounce the actions of producer Harvey Weinstein , recounted his own experience. She was raped during a date.

“I can stand here and tell you that I have not only been sexually harassed and abused by Mr. Weinstein, but I am also a victim of sexual assault and a survivor of rape at the time. of a gallant date, “she said at the conference reported by the Guardian .

The actress asks that the law change for rape victims who do not dare to file a complaint right away and often find themselves facing the limitation period. Mira Sorvino refers in particular to the case of second-degree rape, where, according to the law of the State of New York, the victim can not consent to sexual activity because of his age, his mental capacity or his condition intoxicated.

“In the case of second degree rape, you are ashamed. You have the impression, in a way, that it’s your fault, “added Mira Sorvino.