America may have its own Songfestival in two years. The organization of the Eurovision Song Contest has signed a letter of intent with the production company Brain Academy to develop a show for the American market. The aim is to broadcast the very first American Song Contest in 2021.

“For more than six decades, the Eurovision Song Contest, which is powered by public service broadcasters, has brought the audience together with its values ​​of diversity, universality and inclusiveness,” says Songfestival boss Jon Ola Sand. “It remains a unique event in more than forty competing countries with nearly 200 million viewers. It is time to reach even more viewers with the brand. “

Brain Academy is part of the Nordic Entertainment Group (NENT). “The timing is perfect. Outside of sport, the Eurovision Song Contest is the largest TV program in the world, it unites a continent and everyone can vote, “says company leader Peter Settman. “We can’t wait to introduce this wonderful competition to the largest TV market in the world. The television and video audience is growing every year, so this is the perfect time to show this exciting program to the American public. “