The creators of the series heat up the atmosphere before the break.

AMC has shared a promo video for the seventh episode of the sixth season of Fear the Walking Dead, which will conclude this year. With new episodes, the series will only return in 2021.

According to the video, in the new episode, viewers will be shown Alicia and Charlie, who will engage in a fight with a mysterious new group, which will put them in serious danger. The character Morgan Jones continues her work of uniting Virginia’s scattered group, while she herself teams up with Victor Strand. In the last episode of this year, the creators promise to “raise the ante,” according to ComicBook.

Recall that in the sixth season of the spin-off “The Walking Dead” 16 episodes are planned. Since the filming of the series was stopped in March due to the coronavirus pandemic, the creators managed to shoot only half of the season. Therefore, after the release of the seventh episode, the project goes on a long vacation. New episodes are expected next year.

The show is an offshoot of AMC’s post-apocalyptic hit The Walking Dead. It is not based on the comics from which the original series was filmed, but the action takes place in the same universe. Initially, the series was a prequel and showed the first days after the zombie disaster that covered the United States.