Amber Heard described an alleged graphic incident of sexual abuse by her ex Johnny Depp on day two of her testimony on Thursday, May 5. The actress claimed her ex-husband used a glass liquor bottle to penetrate her during an argument in Australia in 2015. Amber described the alleged incident and her lawyer clarified what happened during the interrogation after. “Johnny had the bottle inside me and pushed it inside me over and over again,” she said.

Earlier in her testimony, Amber described a fight in which bottles were thrown. She claimed that Johnny got on her during an argument. She said she was starting to feel “pressure on [her] pubic bone.” She described being shocked and frightened, particularly worried, when she saw broken glass in the room. “I don’t remember what I said. I just remember being really still, not wanting to move. I remember looking around the room. I remember looking at all the broken bottles, the broken glass, and I just remember not wanting to move, because I didn’t know if it was broken. I didn’t know if the bottle he had in me was broken,” she said.

After the alleged incident, Amber said she remembered “vomiting”, seeing blood on the floor and losing control of her bladder. She also said she fell asleep and woke up the next morning, and saw that a piece of Johnny’s finger had been cut off, and she saw dried blood used on the walls.

Amber Heard has opened up about an incredibly shocking alleged experience with Johnny Depp where the actor performed a “cavity search” on her, while on a trip with friends in June 2013. Amber, 36, became very emotional on the witness stand recounting the incident where Johnny, 58, searched her for drugs, during the defamation trial against her ex-husband on Wednesday May 4.

Amber said the couple were staying in a trailer on a trip, where they used recreational drugs with friends. She claimed that Johnny had become aggressive as he was jealous of a woman during the trip, and they returned to the trailer they were staying in “to try to calm him down”, but when they got to the trailer, he “started breaking things. “She said she went into the bedroom, and he followed her inside, and she realized he was looking for something. She said Johnny accused her of “hiding” something (which she later learned was his cocaine), and when she asked what he was talking about, he responded aggressively. She claimed that Johnny said, “You know what I’m f**king talking about. Be honest with me. Where are you hiding it?

Amber then said that Johnny was looking for drugs, he “ripped” part of her dress. She said he started “He grabs my breast. He touches my thighs. He rips off my underwear and then he does a cavity search,” she said. “He said he was looking for his drug, his cocaine.” The actress said she was confused as to “how” he thought she was hiding the cocaine, as she was against using the drug.

As she continued to explain how she felt, Amber explained that she didn’t know how to react. “He was like, ‘We’re going to do a cavity search.’ [He] just dug his fingers into me. I just stood there staring at the stupid light,” she said, as she began to cry. “He twisted his fingers. I didn’t say ‘Stop’ or anything.

After the alleged incident, Amber explained that she had no recollection of what happened that night or the next morning. “I don’t know how we went to bed that night. I don’t know how I went to bed. I don’t know how I slept. I don’t know how we woke up. I don’t remember having a conversation with him the next day. I don’t remember talking to him about it or confronting him. I remember I wanted everything to be okay,” she said. “I just remember wanting any fucking weird trip – excuse me – whatever trip was supposed to end.”

The actress’ first day of testimony described much of her early relationship with Johnny. Amber also opened up about a few different episodes the couple went through during their time together, including the first time Johnny allegedly hit her. Johnny has denied allegations that he was abusive to Amber.

Johnny is suing Amber for $50 million over an op-ed she wrote for The Washington Post. The Pirates of the Caribbean actor said the play damaged his reputation and cost him movie contracts. He testified earlier in the trial, detailing different incidents the couple had during their time together, and he denied the abuse allegations against Amber.