More than a million people have signed an online petition demanding that the producers not play Mera again.

Amber Heard reacted strongly to the ‘campaign’ demanding her exit from ‘Aquaman 2’ amid Johnny Depp’s legal battle.

The Hollywood actress has criticized a ‘campaign’ demanding that filmmakers remove her from starring in the upcoming film ‘Aquaman 2’ amid Johnny Depp’s legal battle.

The charming actress, who received the ire of Johnny Depp fans after she lost her libel case against a UK tabloid, is confident that she will return to the role when production begins.

This comes after Pirates of the Caribbean fans launched a petition to have it removed, which has continued to gain traction online and has received more than 1 million signatures so far.

Despite calls for her to be ‘removed’ from the film, Amber revealed that she was excited to return to the set to reprise her character, Mera.

However, the film has yet to receive a green light, which means that no casting has been confirmed.

“I am very excited by the amount of fan love and the amount of fan appreciation that ‘Aquaman’ has acquired and it has generated so much excitement for Mera that it means we will be back,” Amber recently told ‘Entertainment Weekly’.

“I’m so excited to film that.”

Johnny Depp’s ex-wife went on to suggest that filming could begin next year and is confident that she will be among the cast again.

Amber Heard has come under fire online after her ex-husband Johnny, 57, lost his defamation case for an article calling him a “wife beater” on November 2.

Johnny Depp has denied being abusive to Amber and accused his ex-wife of being violent during their relationship, which Amber also denies.