Amanda Seyfried gushes about filming ‘Mamma Mia 2: Here We Go Again’. 

The 32-year-old actress just slipped into the role of Sophie Sheridan in the musical sequel. She reveals that filming the second installment with stars like Cher and Lily James is much more fun. At the world premiere in London at Hammer smith Apollo last Monday (16 July), the letter to Julia ‘Star said: “Exactly ten years ago I was in the middle of London, a day more or less, and we did exactly the same thing. But there was no Cher or Lily James, we had the time of our lives, but that’s exponentially more fun. ”

The new blockbuster also united Seyfried with her ex-boyfriend Dominic Cooper in the role of Sky, Sophie’s husband. Their on-off romance came to an abrupt end in 2010, but Cooper still enjoys working with the movie star. For him, the reunion after so many years was a very special moment. Even Colin Firth can only agree. In an official statement at the world premiere, the Oscar winner recalled, “I love it, we wrote messages about this emotional feeling, it was a feeling of nostalgia, you know. It felt a lot like a family reunion.”