Alyssa Milano shares about the health of her uncle who was in a serious condition after a car accident. She said that her uncle is on a long road of recovery but he still needs and open heart surgery to recover more fast. “He’s doing well. I mean, he has a long road of recovery. He probably needs open heart surgery,” she told. “He’s out of the hospital, he’s home, he has care and they’re trying to build up his strength to get open heart surgery. So that’s kind of where we are now.” Milano added that her uncle is out and about, fondly recalling, “He came to my son’s baseball game the other day. I looked over and there was uncle Mitch sitting in the stands. That was really amazing.”

Milano’s uncle Mitch has a heart attack while he was driving with both of them in August. She said that she saved her family members by giving them CPR at the scene. She also shared updates after on her social media and thanked her friends and family who helped and supported her. When asked how she felt now that her uncle is on the up and up, she said, “I’ve been really good throughout this whole thing.” “Whereas if you would’ve told me years ago, ‘You’re gonna get into a really bad accident. You’re gonna have to save this person’s life and it’s gonna be really scary.’ I would’ve told you, I don’t know if I could get through that,” she explained. “But it’s true what they say about having this superhuman strength when it comes, when you need it, and this fight or flight thing that I was definitely in for a few days after too.”

She expressed her feeling on her social media by saying that; “I handled everything and that was really difficult for me because I am very anxious as a person, accidents are scary and it felt really scary watching and then I felt that how fragile is life. Milano, meanwhile, was happy to be surrounded by powerful women at Thursday’s event, sharing, “Empowered women, empower women, right? I think it’s really important that we gather. Great things happen when women gather and it does feel powerful. It feels like we are having a resurgence of power coming out of this pandemic. “As an activist and one to always stand up for her believes, Milano also touched on the importance of opening up about one’s struggles. “I think the most important thing that we can do, all of us as people, is erase stigma,” she stated. “Whether that be around mental health, whether it be around being COVID positive. Whatever it is, we need to erase the stigma that comes along with just being. Everyone’s searching for their happily ever after and we can’t get in the way of that. We must just erase the stigma.”