Alec Baldwin and his wife Hilaria welcomed their sixth child (the 7th for Alec), just five months after the birth of their last baby, a little girl whose name they have just revealed.

Dad for the seventh time, Alec Baldwin (62) has revealed the name of his latest daughter. On Instagram, on Tuesday March 2, 2021, his wife Hilaria Baldwin revealed that her daughter’s name was Lucia. ” We are so in love with our daughter, Lucia. Just like your siblings, you are a dream come true,” the author wrote on the social network, while posting a photo of sleeping little Lucia.

The announcement of the child’s first name comes only a day after Hilaria Baldwin’s surprise announcement. On Monday, the mother of six astonished her fans by announcing the arrival of this new child! The 37-year-old mother had already welcomed a son Eduardo (5 months), Romeo (2 years), Leonardo (4 years), Rafael (5 years) and Carmen (7 years). Before getting married in Hilaria in 2012, Alec Baldwin had already become the father of a girl named Ireland (25), born of his relationship with Kim Basinger .

The announcement of this sixth birth – which occurred only 5 months after the previous one – has raised many questions on social networks. Since Hilaria Baldwin has not published a picture of her pregnant, or made it clear that she was pregnant, some believe she may have resorted to a surrogate mother.

A hypothesis that could well turn out to be real. Hilaria Baldwin had confided in the two miscarriages she suffered in 2019. In addition, she participated on November 6 in a videoconference with Angela Richardson-Mook, the boss of the surrogate company Alcea Surrogacy. “I saw Hilaria so vulnerable with her two losses. People of influence speak more and more often of this devastation, which leads to more hope perhaps ,” she stressed. For now, representatives of Hilaria Baldwin have not confirmed that their client is pregnant. “We do not confirm anything. What she published says it all,” he said in a statement given to Page Six.