Contrary to what a British newspaper had announced, the actress has no intention of stopping acting.

The Daily Mail article , posted last Sunday and picked up by the French-speaking press a few days later, had the effect of a bomb. According to the daily, Emma Watson was stopping her acting career to focus on her personal life. The author of the article quoted the star’s agent, who allegedly said his client was not making any new commitments. A “source” then confided that the 30-year-old Briton wanted to devote all her time to the couple she formed with Leo Robinton and that she was even thinking of starting a family.

It didn’t take long for the soufflé to settle down. In a statement sent to Entertainment Weekly , the actress’s manager at Untitled Entertainment was very clear: “Emma’s social media accounts are on hiatus, not her career.”

If it is true that the actress has not appeared on the big screen since 2019 and “The daughters of Doctor March”, this does not mean, however, that she has given up acting.