Alec Baldwin being sued

Alec Baldwin case: a first complaint filed against the actor and other members of the film crew

The investigation into the drama that took place on the Rust set on October 21 continues, but the case takes a difficult turn for some of the key figures in the case, as a first complaint for “general negligence” comes from be filed in Los Angeles court.

As the New Mexico police continue their investigation into the shot fired by Alec Baldwin on the Rust set on October 21 – which caused the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins – a first complaint comes from ” be brought against chief gunsmith Hannah Gutierrez-Reed , assistant director Dave Halls and the producers of Rust including comedian Alec Baldwin.

Serge Svetnoy since it is about him, was chief electrician on Rust , he was alongside Halyna Hutchins at the time of the tragedy ” I was with [her] during this fatal blow which cost him life and injured director Joel Souza . I held her in my arms as she died . I had his blood on my hands, ”he recently revealed.

The 25-page complaint was filed in Los Angeles court

” This incident was caused by the negligent acts of the defendants, as well as their agents, directors and employers, ” says Svetnoy’s complaint. ” Put simply, there was no reason for an actual bullet to be placed in that Colt 45 revolver. It should never have been anywhere on Rust’s plateau , and the presence of a bullet in a revolver posed a mortal threat to anyone in the vicinity. ”

In the 25-page complaint submitted to the Los Angeles Superior Court it is also stated that ” the defendants (…) among other acts of negligence, failed to implement and maintain industry standards for the custody and control of firearms used in Rust , (…) did not hire a competent and experienced gunsmith Rust, did not hire adequate support team to the armorer of production and do have not implemented the appropriate standards and safety measures on the production of the film “. These failures have, according to the complainant, ” caused and contributed to the discharge of an actual bullet on the Rust plateau.and the resulting damage to the plaintiff and others . ”For the producers of the film, the trouble seems to have only just begun.