Although the hit Hello is already six years old, Adele has no plans to staert her performances without this song.

Adele said in an interview with the Oprah Winfrey which woul dbe broadcased on Sunday, She said “I will always start with Hello ,”.

In the television special, of which the American media already share a short fragment on Wednesday, Adele talks with Winfrey about her upcoming album 30.

In addition, she sings a few songs and Adele also starts that performance with Hello. “It would be weird if that came in the middle of the show,” the singer says, referring to the word ‘ Hello ‘ sung in the verses and chorus.

The Hello song has special meaning for the Adele, 33 year old british singer. She said about the song saying, “I wrote it at the time as a kind of ode to myself; to my younger self and to myself in the future. It’s a song with which I say: I’m still here.”

Hello Song by Adele: