The Swedish royal family has been robbed of two age-old crowns and a national apple. The regalia lay in the cathedral in Strängnäs when they were stolen in broad daylight.

The theft happened at lunchtime, writing Swedish media. Witnesses saw how two men then jumped close to the church in a motorboat. 

Quest with helicopters and boats

The police therefore search not only with helicopters and police cars, but also with boats. A spokesman said to the Royal Central site : “We are looking for a small and open motorboat, and you can reach Mälaren, Köping and Arboga in the west by boat, or Västerås, Eskilstuna or Stockholm if you are sailing east. directions.”

The stolen regalia date from 1611. For a long time they were in the tomb of King Karl IX and Queen Kristina, who both lived in the 17th century, but later they were dug up and exhibited. “It is not possible to express the value of this in money,” says the police spokesperson. “These are invaluable objects of national importance.”