Recently, Adele’s fans have been especially carefully monitoring her Instagram account in search of new photos in order to once again admire the radical transformation of the  star. The singer herself, who has lost 45 kilograms over the past year , only occasionally pampers her subscribers with new publications. 

Adele shared such a long-awaited new picture yesterday – in it, a beauty posing in a swimsuit with the image of the flag of Jamaica and tight leggings, showing off her incredibly slim figure. The image, which the singer tried on in honor of London’s Notting Hill carnival, designed to unite the local multicultural community and overcome racial conflicts, complemented the hairstyle of Bantu knots, yellow feathers and massive jewelry. 

However, while one part of the users admired the physical form of the star, the other accused her of embezzling cultural values ​​because of the print on the swimsuit and the hairstyle worn by women of African descent. Adele’s fans also found an answer to this – they noted that in this way the star expressed her respect for cultural traditions, and was not at all going to offend anyone.