The change is also indicated by allowing women to drive or go to sports events.

The cinemas were closed in the early-eighties in the ultra-conservative Islamic monarchy. From the reopening, they are now hoping to stimulate economic growth.

The wind of change: they had a female competitor at the Olympics, they could drive a car, go to the movies

In Saudi Arabia, there will be cinemas for almost four decades: the culturstarch has adopted a decree allowing the issuance of operating licenses to cinemas – the SPA news agency Saudi news reported.

According to the announcement published on the Ministry’s website on Thursday, the conditions for the reopening of cinemas could be finalized and licenses issued immediately.

The cinemas were closed in the ultra-conservative Islamic monarchy at the beginning of the eighties, and the Saudi people, who could do so, went to neighboring Bahrain.

According to Minister of Culture Avad al-Avad, the reopening of cinemas will stimulate economic growth, create jobs, and expand the potential of entertainment in a country with the largest market in the region.

The portfolio plans to launch more than 350 cinemas in 2030, and will feature films in over 2500 rooms. Avad hopes spending household entertainment and holiday spending will rise from 2.9 to 6 percent.

Since the Islamic Sunni branch in the Muslim kingdom following the fundamentalist, Wahhabite trend since last year, there has been a shift towards modernization, which is linked to observer Mohamed bin Shalman’s throne influence. 

Changes in the extension of women’s rights are most likely to be experienced. King Saudi King Abdullah Aziz has signed a decree in September last year to authorize women to drive or to go to sports events. The wind of change also touched the fashion, Saudi women began to wear colorful clothes, so-called abuses, besides the traditional blacks, the light blue and the pink ones also appeared.