Pentagon Ensures that the taliban do not control any operations at Kabul Airport

In the aftermath of the attack which left at least 85 dead and hundreds injured in the immediate vicinity of Kabul airport, the Taliban announced that they had taken control of parts of the site.

The Taliban, who said they had taken control of several parts of Kabul airport , are not handling any ongoing operations, the Pentagon said Friday.

“They are not taking care of any of the boarding gates or any of the operations at the airport. It is still under the control of the US military,” said spokesman John Kirby.

Earlier, the Taliban had announced that it had taken control of several parts of the airport, where the evacuation of people wishing to leave the country is taking place, four days before the final withdrawal of American troops.

“Today, three important places of the military part of Kabul airport were evacuated by the Americans and are under the control of the Islamic Emirate,” tweeted one of their spokespersons, Bilal Karimi.

More than 100,000 people evacuated from Kabul

Several thousand people were still taking refuge in the building and waiting to board a plane, according to US General Hank Taylor.

On Thursday, an attack claimed by the jihadist group Islamic State (IS) left at least 85 dead there, including thirteen American soldiers .

The gigantic airlift has so far enabled the evacuation of more than 100,000 foreigners and Afghans.