The “Tik Tok” network will soon allow its users to directly purchase goods offered from content producers on the platform, in a new step that enhances efforts to create an integrated system on this application.

The announcement comes in the context of the partnership launched in October 2020 with Shopify, which empowers brands to launch online activities. Initially, this agreement allowed Canadian Shopify users to promote their products on Tik Tok.

Sellers will also be able to create a mini-store on “Tik Tok” and include links directly to products in videos posted on the platform, which has more than a hundred million users in the United States only.

Reality TV star Kylie Jenner, who launched a cosmetics brand worth hundreds of millions of dollars, will be among the first merchants to use these new services, according to a statement from Shopify.

For his part, Blake Chandley, Head of Business Ventures at TikTok, said in the statement that TikTok “is uniquely positioned between content and commerce. These new capabilities make it easier for companies, of any size, to produce engaging content that draws consumers to online points of sale.” “.

Tik Tok, a subsidiary of the Chinese ByteDance group, was late in obtaining financial returns from its contents, despite the significant growth it has been witnessing for two years.

The majority of social networks seek to take advantage of their popularity and user demand, in commercial deals that form with advertisements a mainstay of their ability to continue.

Instagram, as well as Snapchat, offers a feature that allows you to purchase products directly from its application.